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Inspirational Journeys

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Inspirational Journeys, your destination health & wellness company, providing wellness , mindfulness, meditation and yoga retreats to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Our programs are designed to inspire, educate and support you in your journey towards greater health, happiness and a more peaceful, fulfilling life. 

We at Inspirational Journeys, believe nature is a healing, connecting force and traveling to different environments and cultures gives us new perspectives and insights. That's why we choose destinations and resorts where beauty, inspiration and comfort abound.  

“The point at which the outer journey meets the inner journey, is a powerful moment, igniting greater awareness, clarity, insight and beckoning us to take flight towards greater possibilities.” Suzanne Nixon  


Begin your Adventure to Extraordinary awareness and Wellness Today!

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Costa Rica retreat

Engage in mindful, healthy living with meditation, yoga, nourishing meals, relaxation and adventure.  A laid back and inspiring event nestled between the Pacific & the jungle. Enjoy an “a la carte” menu of activities - you choose what you want to participate in! Experience the culture, immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of the one of the 5 Blue Zones in the world!.

Early Bird Special: $100. off-Register by October 1st



We create custom wellness retreats to meet your unique needs! Grow in awareness, promote wellness, foster connection and enjoy adventure with friends, family or business team. Or travel solo, as a couple or with family members to focus on your healing - mind, body, heart and soul. A custom retreat is about your intentions, needs, wants and desires. Our professional staff are here for you!


women rising

Enjoy the splendor of the hillsides, the comfort of a luxurious resort, as you engage in experiences to deepen your connection within and cultivate a more empowered You. Mind-body-spirit experiences will teach you how to access your awesome feminine traits and empower you to Rise Up in ways significant to you. Deepen. Connect. Play. Awaken. And Rise Up.

Early Bird Special: $100. off - Register by June 10th

women rising

A women’s empowerment retreat

a holistic retreat for mind, body, soul

Isn’t it time you tapped into your divine, innate feminine energy in a loving & powerful way?

September 29th - October 1st, 2019

The power of Mindfulness

Happiness is a moment to moment experience. You have a choice: Be in the moment and live your happiness, or be with your future thought and live the unknown.
— Dr. Suzanne

when we are mindful we have the greatest opportunity to aLIGN our MIND, BODY & spirit in conscious awareness. 

Your body's natural desire is to be healthy, your mind's natural desire is to be at peace and your spirit's natural desire is to be connected.  All of our programs are designed to teach you the power of mindfulness as a vehicle for aligning the mind-body-spirit connection. By immersing yourself in our experiential activities, like meditation, yoga, nature walks, hikes, intentional conversations, storytelling and adventures, in an atmosphere of acceptance and fun, you will learn skills and methods to align your natural state of well-being and promote greater consciousness and growth. 

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