Inspirational Journeys, a mindfulness + wellness travel company, provides innovative wellness programs to nourish and restore balance in mind, body and spirit. Inspirational Journeys will inspire you to cultivate a lifestyle of mindful healthy living. All of our program retreats are based in a philosophy of mindfulness, integrative health, gratefulness and an appreciation of nature. 



A Retreat to Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul



February 25th - 27th 

Sunday at 4:00pm - Tuesday at 12pm

Salamander’s Resort and Spa in the exquisite countryside of Middleburg, VA

Enjoy luxurious accommodations, daily breakfast, and a welcoming happy hour!


Mindfulness - wellness retreats have become the new "healthy medicine” for the everyday person, the soul seeker and corporate America.  These retreats empower people to actively participate in learning how to be mindful, a foundational principle in creating health and well-being. Inspirational Journey retreats are held at beautiful 3 and 4 star resorts in inspiring destinations where natural beauty and adventure abound.

Our mindfulness-wellness retreats combine principles of mindfulness, meditation, integrative health, yoga, gratefulness, walking/hiking, culture and nature as pathways to Mindful Being and Whole Health. Our intent is to nourish from the inside out, creatively teach through experience, and inspire by submerging participants in an experience of mindful, healthy living in beautiful healing environments.


replenish + rejuvenate + Renew


Destination Resorts and Retreat Centers for our Lifestyle Wellness Immersion Experiences:

We have the power to change our lives and create a greater sense of well-being, live a more purposeful life and live the life we have imagined.
— Dr. Suzanne