Empower Your Employees Wellness Efforts

Do your employees need more support in meeting their health and wellness goals? You may be surprised to learn that your employee's health insurance company may be of great help!

The new trend in healthcare is Preventative Medicine and Lifestyle Wellness. This has emerged due to the evidence based research indicating that 70% of patients' visits to their primary care physician are a result of a chronic illness condition, not acute illness. What we now know is that poor lifestyle habits, like eating poorly, exercising infrequently and managing stress poorly, lead to conditions of chronic illness.

Insurance companies are now coming on board and offering avenues for individuals and companies to focus on preventative health, helping people stay well, versus a disease model of care: helping people when they are sick and ill.

The most popular health and lifestyle wellness service is Health Coaching or Lifestyle Wellness Coaching. Many insurance companies offer this service as a benefit to members....free of charge. Your employees can receive additional support to successfully meet their health goals. When employees are successful, it has a trickle down effect to the employer and company as a whole:

Healthy Employees save your company money by decreasing the cost of rising health insurance premiums, increasing work productivity and decreasing absenteeism.

Check with your HR department today and find out if your company health insurance provider offers this service. Insurance companies presently offering health coaching include.

If your participating health insurance companies are not offering health coaching, you can contract with a private company. There is a wealth of small and large companies offering this service and specialize in innovative ways to support health and well-being.

Sharon Knipmeyer