The Creation Story

The “creation story” of Inspirational Journeys, LLC, began with a shared vision between me and my friend and colleague of thirty-five years, Greg White. Four of us were hiking the Boynton Canyon, a trail with rich earth colors, scenic vistas and adjacent to the spectacular and renowned Enchantment Resort in Sedona. Feeling exhilarated by the total experience: being in nature, moving our bodies, breathing in fresh air, eating nutritious food and enjoying the company of friendship and the felt sense of community, we began a dialogue about the power of “active and healthy experiences in nature, and in community” to promote personal health and healing and provide direction and reflection for overall well-being and growth.

Inspirational Journeys was birthed from these thoughts. The intent of Inspirational Journeys is to offer programs for those seeking sound knowledge and active experiences in healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. The programs are based on a Whole Health philosophy of health, in mind, body, psyche and spirit and in relationship and community. The rich content is diverse, realistic, practical, thought provoking and of course, fun. The focus is on your individual wellness needs, desires and goals, within the larger framework of the experiential, educational program.

The signature immersion programs are of significance to me for I hold them in two very special locations: the place where Inspirational Journeys was conceived, Sedona, Arizona, and in the mountains of my home state, Hot Springs, Virginia. Both offer a beautiful venue for inspiration and learning, as well as a venue for indulging in the pleasure and relaxation of a top destination resort. 

Having a vision for yourself and your life, is an essential element in attaining happiness. Clear visions provide direction, specify what is important and meaningful, help us navigate our path on a daily basis and give hope. Creating and leading programs to enhance the well-being of others, has been a vision of mine for years. It is now here, and I am grateful.

May you stay true to your creation story and vision for what it is that you desire in your life. May you live your happiness, and as always, Be of Good Health!

Sharon Knipmeyer