The New Way: Wellness Empowerment

Last Sunday evening CNN aired the documentary, Escape From Fire, a winner of several 2012 film festival awards. It is a powerful movie focusing on the brokenness of the American healthcare system, and emphasizes the fact that our medical industry is designed for “quick fixes rather than prevention” and is “profit-driven” rather than providing “patient-driven care”.

Filmmakers and directors, Matthew Heineman & Susan Froemke were inspired by individuals’ dramatic health stories and their challenge to receive good medical care and effective treatment at an affordable price. Weaving human stories, interviews with healthcare professionals, current health research, disease/illness statistics and economic truths in the health industry, the film offers a compelling message: We Americans have a healthcare system that is diseased base. If individuals take more personal responsibility to improve their health through preventative care, healthy lifestyle behaviors and good self-care practices, the reliance on the healthcare system will decrease. The possibility for real change, a model of preventative care and education, is more likely to occur.

Inspirational Journeys, LLC was birthed with this vision: educate people about health, teach self-care practices for living a healthy lifestyle, instill responsibility through a personal wellness plan, motivate healthy change, and do so in an environment that is beautiful and inspirational. When we “take charge of our personal health” we become empowered, and are more likely to achieve good health. When we are dependent on the medical system to “make us well”, we lose our personal power.

Participate in a wellness immersion experience and claim your power. Health is a choice!

Sharon Knipmeyer