The Top 5 Reasons to Go on a Welless Retreat

Wellness retreats are the new “in vacation get a way”. Hotels, resorts, spas, health organizations and even progressive physicians are advocating for adults to take a wellness retreat. What is the motor driving this engine?

1. DO NOTHING OR DO SOMETHING. People are busy. People are rushing, on the go. Calendars are packed. Downtime is sparse. Wellness retreats are opportunities to get out of dodge and participate in a program that focuses just on YOU and YOUR WELL-BEING. When was the last time you put yourself in the equation? Instead of focusing on how work needs you, your friends need you, your family needs you and whoever else may be in the sideline who needs you, you focus on what you need, what you want, and what helps you feel restored and well. Perhaps a hike in the forest, downtime poolside, meditating and being still, or a spa treatment? Wellness retreats are a time for you to be un-busy, un-needed and are invitations for you to do what you choose and be how you want to be.

2. REFRESH AND INSTILL A NEW MINDSET. When we get away from the day to day grind, our mind clears. We gain perspective.  We can see ourselves and our life differently. We may feel refreshed, restored, as if we have “detoxed” from our ordinary, yet packed lifestyle.  We can rediscover what matters, shift and reset our thoughts and approach life with a renewed and healthier mindset.

3.  LEARN THROUGH EXPERIENCE.  There are plenty of opportunities for learning. Perhaps you decide to take a cooking class, partake in a yoga class, go to a seminar on stress management or participate in a guided hike identifying herbs, plants and trees. You may crave to indulge in an experiential educational program, learn and grow.

4. LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. No doubt you will be elbow to elbow with other people who are on a similar quest… get away and experience wellness. However, there is no pressure to get to know or mingle with others. On a wellness retreat it is more common for other guests to respect our space you be on a “retreat”  with yourself. Theoption to socialize and get to know like-minded people exists if you so choose.

5. TARGETED WELLNESS. If you are wanting to focus on a specific wellness “need or want”, there are multiple opportunities. Sometimes we crave an intense experience to focus on weight loss, or getting fit and in shape, or learning how to relax and still the mind through meditation. Targeted topics in wellness are plentiful at resorts, hotels and retreat centers. Clarify your intent, purpose, need and want, travel preferences and then plan it!