Mother Bear Rising: Tap into Your Innate Energy for a More Empowered Life

mother bear rising

Do you ever wonder what it will take to boost your inner strength and stamina, expand your courage quota, increase your energy, raise your vibration and boldly live a more empowered, fulfilling life? 

If you are like most women, including myself, you have. You’ve tried doing it on your own by reading articles, blogs or the latest self-help books – all promising you a roadmap of methods and techniques for manifesting your inner power. Yet, despite your efforts, you either make small gains, or none at all, and you’re left feeling disappointed, disillusioned and unsatisfied.

A women’s quest for a more empowered self and empowered life has become a prevalent desire, and for many contemporary women, a mission.  We want to speak our truth and have our voices heard, give from our heart and be valued, move with healthy boundaries in our relationships and have them respected, achieve positions of influence and positively impact people and communities at large. And, all along the way, feel healthy, vibrant and balanced.  

A sense of internal power, maximizes our ability to make things happen in our ordinary life and is the bedrock for creating an extraordinary life.  When we cultivate and embody our power, it is undeniably experienced by others. They can feel our self-leadership presence, our steadfast energy, our strength and our conviction to our values and ideals. Embracing and rising up with our feminine power fully engages us in our personal quest for a happier, more fulfilling life.

The animal archetype of the Mother Bear is a perfect metaphor for the modern-day woman and her quest to own and express her feminine power. Who is Mother Bear? She is strong, courageous, caring and loving. She has a keen sense of perception and an intuitive nature, which alerts her to strangers and danger. When threatened she instinctively acts, rising up with enormous energy and power, defending and protecting herself, and her dear cubs. Mother Bear embodies the True Feminine, a combination of qualities and traits that are characteristically feminine and masculine. She is tender, gentle, affectionate and playful, and strong, powerful, fierce and a known fighter. Love her and she’ll love you back. Challenge her, and she’ll meet you at the mat.

The polarities of her raw innate nature, the yin and the yang energies, and her masterful ability to know when to access one or the other, is a testament to her wisdom and wholesomeness.

Our feminine nature is like Mother Bear, strong and loving, as is our behavioral capacity to keenly perceive and intuitively know.  However, many of us have lost touch with our true nature and subsequently, we fail to embrace the fullness of our Mother Bear Essence. There is no time like now to nourish yourself back to your full Mother Bear energies and to boldly Rise Up in your life.


Author, Suzanne Nixon will be leading a women’s weekend retreat “Mother Bear Rising”, September 14th - 16th, 2018 in Bedford Springs, PA.