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Welcome to the Nicoya Blue Zone – Where Health Abounds!

Home to the healthiest and longest living people on the planet!

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By now you may have heard about or read about the “Blue Zones.” 5 geographic locations throughout the world where the locals live healthier and longer lives than in any other location. The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, your destination with Inspirational Journeys, is one of them. Wellness enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of nutrient – rich fruits and vegetables, clean air that just makes you want to breathe deeply and often, clean water to hydrate your body and an amazing haven for yoga, meditation, fitness and adventure.  Snorkel, scuba, surf, paddleboard, hike or just spend a quiet afternoon on the beach reading your favorite book. It is all available to you.

Those seeking better health or healing find it in a Blue Zone, and Nicoya is one of the top destinations. It is a haven for detoxing from the fast-paced, high-digital environment many of us live in. Nicoya is also known for having the lowest cancer rates in the world. Now that says something!

The natural environment is comprised of untouched rainforests, tropical jungles, pristine beaches, inspiring hiking trails and star studded open skies. The collection of wildlife is diverse, from sea turtles to 3 toed sloths to Mexican tree frogs.  And you know, Costa Rica is a zoo free country, where they respect all living things and believe in people and animals living harmoniously. For those of you who are bird enthusiasts, you will certainly see a few species that are rare to view.

Inspirational Journeys is offering a 2019 Costa Rica Destination Retreat intended to give you a rich blend of experiences to free your mind, nourish your body and soul, explore nature, relax poolside or beachfront, and indulge in conversations and play with like-minded-people!