It is easy to get caught up in the business of our day-to-day life.  In our fast pace living, rarely do we take a moment to pause, catch our breath and re-center. Over time we feel stressed, out of sorts and out of balance with our most healthiest self. Where do we go to reconnect, recharge and restore our sense of well-being and balanced living?

Destination retreats are especially designed for you, a person living in our modern society, juggling a very full schedule of responsibilities and commitments in your personal, professional and community life.  Our retreats invite you to pause, step back from your fast pace life and experience a beautiful, natural environment where learning and living wellness is enjoyable, fun and simply put, dazzles your soul inspiring you to be your healthiest best self once again.


recharge, relax & renew

mindfulness, meditation & yoga retreat


March 9th - 16th, 2019

Yoga  •  Meditation •  Hiking

Being mindful means living with true awareness and acceptance in the present moment and being intentional and caring with our actions. How do we get there? Through practices that cultivate a state of being present, centered, compassionate, grounded, aligned and open the heart. The program consists of daily meditation, yoga, hiking and intentional conversations.

Going to Costa Rica, a beautifully rich, eco-friendly environment, naturally inspires adventure. There are a multitude of activities, cultural activities and excursions near the resort.  Free time to participate in an "off campus" adventure is built into the program.  Each day afternoon free time gives you the option to enjoy the beach, engage in spa services or relax poolside.


  • When: March 9th - 16th, 2019
  • Where:, Punta Quepos, Costa Rica
  • Who: Open to men and women age 21+
  • Cost: Start at $2,305 for double room accommodations
  • Inclusions: Visit the Registration Page
  • Led by: Suzanne Nixon, Tim Hutchinson and Chris Renken

“The name “Inspirational Journeys” is exactly what this trip was. I spent five days with strangers – we were from all walks of life and we had all signed up for Inspirational Journeys in search of something. We hiked, meditated, observed our surroundings, and absorbed the teachings of Dr. Nixon and Dr. White. We listened, laughed, shared thoughts and ate together. We built “community” each day.

By the end of the week, I realized that my connecting to nature through the empirical facilitation of my guides, coupled with the experiential connection to other soul searching individuals, were catalysts in the process of self-discovery. I arrived in Sedona, stressed, fraught and impatient. After five days on an Inspirational Journey, I returned home invigorated, calm, and enlightened.”
— Female, 51, Nutritionist

Past Retreats

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