The best way to enjoy your journey is to be prepared for traveling and for resort life. Each retreat destination requires you to pack accordingly. Getting ready to travel to Costa Rica, is different than traveling to Pennsylvania!  However, most retreats are held in a season where there is warmth during the day, and a bit of coolness in the evening. 

There is attire and belongings you should bring in order to be prepared.  Here is a list of suggestions and considerations.  Note: EC (east coast destination) or CR (Costa Rica destination) as indicated.

Recommendations for your total wellness immersion adventure both at the resort and in nature:

  • Walking & hiking shoes, appropriate for pavement, dirt paths, forest hiking (EC) or jungle hiking and beach walking(CR)
  • Sneakers and sandals (Both)
  • Layered clothing: t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, fleeces/vests for outerwear, shorts and long, light-weight pants (Both)
  • Medium or small sized backpack/knapsack to carry 1-2 water bottles, snack, hat, journal (Both)
  • Sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses for outdoor protection (Both)
  • Flashlight for a possible sunset meditation/walk or walking back to your accommodations (Both)
  • Hand sanitizer or wet wipes to use when in nature (Both)
  • Bandana or small towel for outdoor activities/hiking (Both)
  • Fitness/yoga clothes (Both)
  • Swimsuit and sandals for the pool (Both) or beach (CR)
  • Loose clothes for meditation and stretching (Both)
  • Causal clothing for dining (Both) 
  • Journal and writing tools (Both) 
  • Walking stick (Both optional)
  • Camera (optional)

Lifestyle Wellness Journeys:  Other Preparation

  • Since you may participate on a walk or hiking in the forest, in the jungle, or on trails, begin a walking program now, consisting of 30 minutes a day, at least 3 times a week. Pace yourself for what feels right. Walk/hike on local trails in your home area at least twice prior to your departure, so you can get accustomed to a different terrain.

  • Take time to consider your intentions prior to attending your retreat. Jot down your thoughts in your journal.

  • If traveling to Costa Rica, make sure you have a current passport. 

Thank you for sharing your expertise in somatics. I enjoyed learning about holistic frameworks and perspectives for working with clients rather than the traditional models of therapy.
— RC