Women rising

a Women’s empowerment retreat 2019

Become your most empowered self… boldly and lovingly live the life you’ve imagined

When you are empowered you feel alive, centered, sure-footed, confident, courageous, insightful, intuitive and sometimes, wild and daring.  You have a profound feeling of being you, of feeling authentic from the inside out and a deep knowing that you are on the right path.

However, all too frequently women lose their power. I know, for I have. It is a feeling of being knocked off center, feeling less sure of yourself, feeling tired, depleted, unmotivated and unwell. You lose the luster to live passionately and fall into a state of habit and compliance.  

This retreat is your invitation to get your power back! It is an opportunity to return to center, in mind and body, identify where and how you lost your power, and learn skills and practices to create a new mindset, restore your energy, rekindle your strength and courage and deepen self-love. There is no better time than now, to join a group of like-minded women and begin to cultivate and embrace your feminine power. As in all women’s wellness retreats, time to relax, self-care, indulge in spa and walk the beautiful gardens, are built into the program.

Lead by two empowered women, Suzanne Nixon and Cindy Deugo, who admittedly have been knocked off their center – many times, and were able to get up, heal, learn, reconnect to their True Self and live an empowered life.

A Natural Framework for Understanding Your Feminine Power

In Jungian Psychology, symbols, images, animals and nature are gateways for discovering and awakening into our most authentic self. In this retreat, the animal archetype of the Mother Bear will serve as a metaphor for tapping into our wise self and feminine power.  

"The characteristics of A Mother Bear are unflinching. Her raw energy is undeniable.  She rises up with strength, courage and power in the face of threat or danger.  With a sharp intellect, innate knowing and a keen sense of timing, she knows when and how to defend and protect herself.  Complementing her power and ability to take action, is her warm, caring and loving nature and ability to take refuge in stillness and restoration through hibernation."   

The journey towards a more empowered self is possible!


September 29 - October 1

Sunday 4 pm till Tuesday 12 pm

Omni Bedford Springs Resort 

In the historic town of Bedford Springs, PA 

Enjoy luxurious accommodations, daily breakfast, two dinners, a welcoming happy hour and with a sensational program!

Here's what You Can Expect: 


✓ Use of Story for Understanding & Cultivating our True Self

✓ Empowering Mind-Body Practices 

✓ Guided Visualizations &  Nourishing Meditations

✓ Energetic Exercises for Building Inner Strength

✓ Connection and Inspiration

✓ Mindful Nature Walks

✓ Intentional Conversations

✓ Revitalizing Spa Services

Facilitated by Dr. Suzanne Nixon, Expert in Holistic Psychology, Body-based Practices, the Mind-Body Connection, Meditation and Group Facilitation, and co-lead by Cindy Deugotris, Life-long Personal Trainer and Competitive Athlete, Certified Yoga Teacher and Author of the Upcoming Book, “The Conscious Athlete”

This is the ONLY retreat of it's kind in the area!

Here's why you need this:


The Forest Walk on the Grounds of the Omni Bedford Springs Resort (above)

  • Full Immersion experience... gain in 48 hours what your at home practices and reading can’t do for you within a season.

  • Cultivate positive traits already within you to gain a more felt-sense experience of healthy empowerment.

  • Mind-body practices to deepen your awareness and strengthen your core and energetic body centers.

  • Develop strong and flexible boundaries for safety and protection.

  • Experience full body presence and the awesomeness of inner empowerment.

  • Reconnect to your true essence and come home to you.

  • Nourish mind, body, soul with self-care practices and services

  • Indulge in healthy, chef inspired menus, inspiring nature walks, fresh country air, intentional conversations and fun.

  • Create a new narrative of the empowered you. 



  • Double room occupancy $1100.

  • Single room preference, add $250.


Pay your $500 deposit to secure your spot!

Pay for package in full

Do you need to pay your balance? We have both options below:

Pay Single Occupancy BALANCE

Pay Double Occupancy BALANCE

ALL registrants will need to fill out our FULL registration packet and print and sign the liability waiver. You can find both documents below.

For more information contact Dr. Suzanne at dr.suzannenixon@gmail.com or 703.729.0505 Register on-line, by mail, or phone

When you immerse yourself in the practices taught by Dr. Suzanne, surrounded by the beautiful serenity of Omni Bedford Springs Resort, you will experience the deepest and most true way to connect to yourself and learn skills and practice to harness self-empowerment and live a more intentional, empowered life. This one weekend can leave you with the tools to impact your entire life.

The time to be empowered is Now!

mother bear rising

Ever wonder how you can boldly live your most fulfilling life?

Now’s the time to rise up!



Sometimes we long for a wellness experience where our inner journey experience is matched with the splendor of an outer journey experience.  Lodging in the lush accommodations of a top destination resort, indulging in spa treatments, exploring manicured gardens and forest walking trails and of course, simply relaxing poolside, can delightfully fill your body and soul. Afternoon free time allows for exploration in neighboring towns, communities and cultural activities.  Catch a bit to eat at the resort's coffee shop, or dine at a 4-star resort restaurant. And as night falls enjoy the whispers of nature or relaxing on a porch rocking chair as you star gaze in the brilliance of the open night sky. 

Our intention, always, is to select resorts where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and be comforted, uplifted and inspired. Our team of experts offer an array of wellness and mindfulness programs to target your needs, interests and desires. Develop a meditation or yoga practice, learn how to live more intentionally and mindfully, create a lifestyle wellness plan, learn skills for self-empowerment, enjoy a weekend of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation or journey inward to discover who you are, what you want or perhaps what the next chapter is in your life.