Sometimes we long for a mindfulness-wellness experience where we can indulge in the comfort and luxury of a top destination resort. What better way to end a day of inner exploration and outer adventure than to receive a massage or body treatment at a state of the art spa. Afternoon free time gives you the opportunity to relax poolside, stroll the manicured grounds, marvel at stunning vistas, engage in a shopping spree at a resort boutique shops. Dine at the 4 star resort restaurants, and as night falls enjoy the comfort of exquisite room accommodations.

We hand select resort and spas to bring you an unforgettable lifestyle wellness experience. We target specific topic areas for our mindfulness-wellness programs and deliver either an overall mindfulness-wellness program based on "The 5 Pillars of Health",  or a specific wellness topic, "Mindfulness & Meditation",


mother bear rising

A women's empowerment retreat

mother bear's raw energy is undeniable.  she rises up with strength, courage and power in the face of threat or danger. with a sharp intellect, innate knowing and a keen sense of timing, she knows when and how to defend and protect herself.  Complementing her power and ability to take action, is her warm, caring and loving nature and ability to take refuge in stillness and  restoration through hibernation.

this retreat is your invitation to discover your inner mother bear and to cultivate the qualities of strength, courage, perception, intuition, self-love and rightful action. discover your most empowered self through the use of story, mind-body PRACTICEs, guided imagery exercises and intentional experiences.  And like mother bear's natural rhythm, time to relax, indulge in spa and self-care is built into the program. My friend, the journey towards a more empowered self all of this is possible for you.


september 14th - 16th 

friday at 4:00pm - sunday at 12pm

Omni Bedford Springs Resort  in the beautiful, historic countryside of Bedford Springs, WVA

Enjoy luxurious accommodations, daily breakfast, one dinner and a welcoming happy hour!


You Can Expect: 

✓ Empowering Mind-Body Practices 

✓ Guided Visualizations &  Nourishing Meditations

✓ Energetic Exercises for Building Inner Strength

✓ Connection and Inspiration through Story

✓ Mindful Nature Walks

    Intentional Conversations

   Revitalizing Spa Services

Facilitated by Dr. Suzanne Nixon, Expert in Whole Health, Mindfulness, the Mind-Body Connection and Eastern Therapies

This is the ONLY retreat of it's kind in the area!

mother bear.jpg


Here's why you need this:

  • Full Immersion experience... gain in 48 hours what your at home practices and reading can’t do for you within a season.
  • Cultivate positive traits already within you to gain a more felt-sense experience of healthy empowerment.
  • Mind-body practices to deepen your awareness and strengthen your main body centers.
  • Reconnect to your true essence and come home to you.
  • Nourish mind, body, soul with self-care practices and services
  • Indulge in healthy, chef inspired menus, inspiring nature walks, fresh country air, intentional conversations and fun.
  • Acquire skills of empowerment to immediately implement at home. 



$950. for double occupancy, registered by  June 10th with $250 deposit

Thereafter, $1050.

Single room preference, add $250.



For more information and to register, contact Dr. Suzanne at


When you immerse yourself in the practices taught by Dr. Suzanne, surrounded by the beautiful serenity of Omni Bedford Springs Resort, you will experience the deepest and most true way to connect to yourself and learn skills and practice to harness self-empowerment and live a more intentional, empowered life. This one weekend can leave you with the tools to impact your entire life.

The time to be empowered is Now!

“I participated in Inspirational Journeys to learn things that could aid me on my path of personal and emotional growth, to better connect with my true self, and to have new experiences in a beautiful location. The trip was highly successful on all points. ... I believe that what I learned about myself on Inspirational Journeys may aid me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this program to anyone working towards personal growth and healing.”
— Male, Age 36, Artist